Have you ever experienced mild hunger and anger? Can you now picture going days without eating? Probably not, and we’re grateful for that! But when you’re in a condition of starvation, it’s difficult to think clearly and undertake the necessary steps to discover a long-term solution to poverty. You also tend to make poor decisions. In the worst-case situation, not only you but also your family could be at risk. More than a million individuals in Michigan, including children, lack food, according to recent statistics from FeedingAmerica.

Thank goodness for the Redford Interfaith Relief Program! Several churches participate in their efforts, which unite efforts to combat hunger in Redford, Michigan for greater effect. They compassionately offer food, clothing, and job recommendations to anyone in need so that they may achieve self-sufficiency. In short, they give help and hope to so many people who need it.

Your team of expert agents here at Bowker Insurance Group wants to help because we are aware of how crippling poverty, homelessness, and hunger insecurity are for those who experience them! Here’s the best part: You can help! Simply phone us or complete the form on our Rewards page to recommend a friend, member of your family, or coworker for a free insurance quotation, and we’ll donate $10 on your behalf for each and every one.

What will YOU do, then, to turn hunger into happiness? We hope you’ll band with us to make our community a kinder place for all! So, how many people do you know who would like to help hungry neighbors in need AND save money on their insurance at the same time?

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