Community Causes

March 28, 2024

Our agency is raising support for the Living and Learning Enrichment Center, where kids and teens with special needs and disabilities find avenues to enhance their lives. Through therapeutic programs, social initiatives, work-based activities, and community engagement, they work to uplift, inspire, and empower participants and their families, enabling them to pursue their aspirations. We […]

Embracing Compassion: Supporting Angela Hospice
December 27, 2023

Angela Hospice is a beacon of hope and compassion in the quiet corridors of life’s most challenging moments. Our agency proudly supports their noble mission, where every step taken is a gesture of love, care, and unwavering support for those navigating the delicate path of hospice care. A gentle touch, a reassuring smile, and a […]

September 27, 2023

Have you ever experienced mild hunger? Can you now picture going days without eating? Probably not, and that’s a blessing for most of us!  Now, can you imagine enduring days without a meal? It’s a tough reality many of us are fortunate not even ever to have to think about! But when you’re facing starvation, […]

June 30, 2023

As a local insurance agency deeply invested in the Livonia community, we understand the importance of protection. This quarter we highlight the extraordinary work of Livonia Kids and Family, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the welfare of children and families in our community. By safeguarding access to food pantries and items of basic needs, Livonia […]

March 28, 2023

MI Work Matters is a Michigan non–profit dedicated to helping people with special needs and disabilities find meaningful work and build successful careers. Our team here at Bowker Insurance Group believes everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential, and matching people with meaningful work positions sets them up for success and, consequently, a better future […]

December 27, 2022

Our agency kicks off 2023 by raising support for”Love a Michigan Vet Project,” which assists Michigan veterans and their families. This organization has many years of expertise in helping local veterans who have sacrificed so much for our nation. They help our heroes by giving them access to resources, items of basic needs, and more. […]

September 27, 2022

Have you ever experienced mild hunger and anger? Can you now picture going days without eating? Probably not, and we’re grateful for that! But when you’re in a condition of starvation, it’s difficult to think clearly and undertake the necessary steps to discover a long-term solution to poverty. You also tend to make poor decisions. […]

Just a Backpack of Blessings!
June 26, 2022

                            We here at Bowker Insurance strive to make this world just a little better and more secure especially for our children.  For that reason, we dedicate this campaign to them – to make sure they have enough nourishment to grow, both […]

Enhancing the Lives of Those with Disabilities
March 25, 2022

Over 61 million Americans live with some form of disability, which translates into 1 in 4 adults. Many disabled people face difficulties acquiring gainful employment, interacting in social settings, and taking part in activities that you and I take for granted. The Living and Learning Enrichment Center is committed to enhancing the lives of those […]

Have A Heart And Give Child A Start
January 6, 2022

A home can look like more than four walls and a roof. Family provides the same warmth and protection that a house does, but the difference is homes come and go; family is forever. The unfortunate truth is that hundreds of thousands of children are waiting to connect to forever adoptive families. There are approximately […]