Helping Children One Story At A Time

Did you know that the third grade has been identified as the most important stage when it comes to literacy? This is because it is the last year children are learning to read, after which students are “reading to learn.” If they are not proficient readers by the time they begin fourth grade, they will not be able to comprehend as much as half of the curriculum. Ultimately, if left unsolved, this can negatively affect the rest of their lives.

This is why the volunteers of Read To A Child dedicate time to sit one-on-one with third graders to have weekly lunchtime reading sessions. Read to a Child’s Lunchtime Reading Program has more than 1,800 volunteer mentors from over 150 socially-minded organizations who take time to read one-on-one to more than 1,400 at-risk elementary school students in Greater Boston, Detroit, Hartford, Los Angeles, and Miami. Detroit metro has one of the worst literacy rates in the country and we want to take an active role to change that reality. When an adult reads aloud to a child, both parties have an enlightening, gratifying experience that helps foster a passion for reading, improves literacy skills, and strengthens a child’s self-confidence.

That is why our agency has decided to support the efforts of Read To A Child: Detroit.

Each time you recommend a friend, family member, or co-worker to us for a no-obligation quote, we pledge to donate $10 to Read To A Child on your behalf.

Yes, that is for EACH friend. What do you say? Are you ready to change the lives of these children one story at a time?


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