Transforming Hunger into Happiness

Have you ever been even a little bit hangry? Now can you imagine not eating for possibly days on end? When you’re starving, you don’t make good choices, and each day it gets harder to think straight, let alone do the work it takes to find a long-term solution to your poverty. In worst-case scenarios, it’s not just you that’s starving, but your family too. According to current statistics from FeedingAmerica, more than a million people in Michigan, including children, are searching for their next meal.

The Redford Interfaith Relief program consists of multiple churches that work together to curb the pangs of hunger in their local community of Redford, Michigan. They respectfully assist anyone in need with food, clothing, and referrals for work so that self-sufficiency can become achievable. With their helpful hand, they’re helping so many people find hope again.

Your caring team at Bowker Insurance Group knows how debilitating it is for anyone suffering from poverty, homelessness, or hunger insecurities, and we want to do our part! We’ll donate $10 for every friend, family, or coworker you recommend to us for a no-obligation insurance quote, and all you have to do is call us or fill out the form on our rewards page. So what are YOU willing to do to transform hunger into happiness?


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