Dr. William Karl, D.C. | Karl Wellness Center and Chiropractic Clinic, PC

Dr. Karl has an active practice in the Livonia/Westland area of Michigan. His mission is to help as many people as possible without harmful drugs or needless surgery. Dr. Karl became interested in alternative health care while working at Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan over a 2 to 3 year period. While at the hospital, he worked in the Emergency Room, blood labs, and research. With his expertise, he became the developer and director of a research project involving organ transplant rejection. Continuing his formal education, Dr. Karl studied electrical engineering. He returned to the health field and continued his studies with chiropractic, nutrition, applied kinesiology, trigger point therapy, and wellness care. In 1980, Dr. Karl established his practice in Westland, Michigan where he combined his education and experience to improve the health of our community. His practice is family oriented and his patients range in age from birth to his oldest, who is 92.

30935 Ann Arbor Trail

Westland, MI 48185

Phone: (734) 425-8220