By Cheryl Bowker | January 8, 2019

What Are Good Homeowners Insurance Questions To Ask?

Good morning, everybody. My name is Brandon Wright, and I’m with the Cheryl Bowker Insurance Agency, agency owner of the Family Insurance Agency in Canton, Michigan. And the question I want to answer today is, “What is scheduled personal property on your homeowner’s insurance?”

Well it’s a very important coverage that not everybody knows about, and that you possibly need. So what it is, it’s coverage to protect those items that are most important to you. An the way to cover them is to make sure you have an updated appraisal. So an updated appraisal on your engagement rings, your wedding rings, guns, furs, watches. The appraisal will specifically give the amount of the coverage that you need on your homeowner’s policy so the agency can make sure that you have the full coverage that you need on your homeowner’s insurance. So you need an updated appraisal within five years. Make sure you have the bill of sale when you purchase the item as well. All these things are going to make sure the process is very easy, if you have the unfortunate situation of filing a claim on any of these personal items.

If you have any questions, please make sure you reach out to your agency so they can do a proper review for you. And I hope you all have a great day. Thank you.