By Team Member | August 15, 2022

What Are Good Homeowners Insurance Questions To Ask? – Livonia MI

Hi, my name’s Andy Garza. And I’m here with Cheryl Bach your Allstate agency. And I’m here to discuss some of the additional coverages that you can apply to your homeowners policy, and you should apply to your homeowner’s policy. There are four coverages that I recommend. The first one is building codes coverage. And that coverage is just going to make sure that your building is up to date with the newest building codes that may have changed since we wrote your policy. And that is going to make sure that if your house were to have some tragedy, like it burned down, then we would be able to return that to whole and not to partially whole.
The next coverage that I want to recommend is going to be water backup. And that’s common across the US. It’s when your sump pump stops working, or sewage water comes through. Either way, that’s going to be contaminated. And we want to make sure that we get all of your items back and are covered. Not just your walls and your floor, but also your tables, your dishwasher, all those things are going to be touching the floor and that have touched water.
Another one is going to be mysterious disappearance coverage, and that’s going to cover your jewelry to a fuller extent. Normally, your homeowner’s coverage comes with a $5,000 replacement fee for all jewelry. But we want to make sure that is a higher, more exact number. The last coverage that I want to talk about is going to be identity fraud. Identity fraud coverage will give us $25,000 to give to a lawyer to restore your identity if it gets stolen by that off chance. Those are all the coverages that we recommend that you apply to your homeowner’s insurance.

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