By Team Member | August 1, 2022

Why Get Homeowners Insurance? – Livonia MI

Hi, my name’s Andy Garza and I’m here with Cheryl Bowker Allstate Agency, and I’m here to discuss the most commonly asked question that we get about homeowner’s insurance, which is why do we need homeowner’s insurance? There are three reasons to that. The first one is the most simple one. Most lenders are actually going to require you to have homeowner’s insurance. If you can’t acquire it for yourselves, they’re going to acquire it for you and they’re just going to go with the first option available to them. But that’s not always the best option for you and we want to make sure that we have the best option available for you.
Second option is that your home is most likely going to be the most expensive and most valuable asset that you have acquired throughout your entire life. For most Americans, this is true and we want to make sure that asset is protected. We can protect it through homeowner’s insurance and that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t just protect your home. It protects everything inside of it.
On to my third reason, which is the other things that homeowner’s insurance protects. It also protects you against liability from your guests being injured. If one of your guests falls down your stairs and then they try and sue you for it, you’re going to be protected through that from your homeowner’s insurance. Another thing it’s going to protect you for is all those things that are not exactly your home, like your garage, your shed, and your fence. All of those things are not exactly your home, but are going to be protected under your homeowner’s insurance.
Last and final thing is that if your home gets burned down, you need a place to stay like a hotel, we are actually going to cover that bill through our homeowner’s insurance. That’s why we actually need the homeowner’s insurance.

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