By Team Member | September 6, 2023

Why Get Life Insurance For Babies? (LIVONIA, MI)

Hi, I’m Cheryl Bowker, an Insurance Agency Owner. Every day. I get questions from customers on a variety of different topics. So I thought I would put together a series of common questions with some answers. So stay tuned.

Ok. So here’s the thing. While it might seem strange or even a little bit morbid, purchasing life insurance for newborn babies has become super popular over the last few years. I know that the thought of losing a newborn is absolutely unthinkable.

But I want you to keep in mind that life insurance is not only about providing a benefit for the death of the policyholder. Many types of permanent or whole life insurance policies are actually designed to mature after a certain number of years, then a payout goes to the beneficiary. So for a newborn, for example, this means that the policy might mature during their college years, say, and this can provide funds for education or maybe even a little nest egg for a new family, which could be an awesome thing.

Plus, because the policy is being purchased for a newborn, the premiums are very likely to be really affordable. So if you want to learn more about how a life insurance policy can help provide for your Children. Then the smart move is to schedule time with us, your insurance agents who you trust, and we’re gonna help you set up a great policy.

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