Business Insurance

You need to protect the business you worked so hard to build against accidents, damages and injuries. Owning your own company comes with these responsibilities. Don’t get caught with huge bills in the event of damage, employee injury or natural disaster. Business insurance can be broken down into various subsets, such as business auto, property, workers’ compensation, liability and even business crime insurance — all providing minimum coverages with the option of adding on extra coverage to fit your needs. How much you need depends on the type of business you own, its size and your budget. You need the most basic of coverage by law, plus what’s required by your lenders or landlords, if applicable.

Get the full coverage you need by enlisting our help. Our qualified professionals can help you plug the gaps in your existing coverage to come up with a fully functioning, comprehensive plan. Whether you’re just starting up with a small business, you have a home-based company or you’re an established firm with years of experience, you need the right insurance for your business. There are many types of insurance that you need to cover yourself completely, from general and product liability to professional liability and commercial property insurance.

Being a business owner means you’re faced with risk every single day. Don’t get caught unaware without the right coverage. With our comprehensive plans, you can reduce your risk of unexpected events, liabilities and losses. For protection against vandalism, fire and wind damage, you will need property insurance. For protection of against financial losses due to claims of injury and property damage, you will need liability insurance. To adequately cover the medical needs of employees, you will need workers’ compensation insurance and to protect you and other drivers on the road, you will need business auto insurance. For protection against acts of crime against your business, such as robbery, theft, fraud or forgery, you will need business crime insurance.

Don’t wait until you are faced with high bills in the event of unfortunate accidents. Instead, secure your business insurance now so you’ll have the protection you need.